How To Throw A Wedding Reception In Your Backyard

It can be really romantic to throw a wedding reception in your backyard, as well as inexpensive. If you are someone who happens to have a nice big backyard, and you would like to utilize it and host your wedding reception, then you should go ahead and set your sights on getting it ready. There are a few things you can do that will transform your regular backyard, no matter how beautiful it already is, into something that will wow your guests and truly makes for a memorable experience. These are all relatively quick fixes that you can implement very fast.

Landscaping Ideas For A Quick Fix

It doesn't make sense to try and overhaul the look of your backyard by planing new shrubs, flowers, or anything else. That takes time, and that also distracts from your primary goal which is to plan for your wedding. What you should do is make sure that you have a nice selection of potted plants and flowers brought in. You can go to a nursery or local garden center and consult with them about bringing in containers and placing them around your backyard to make it look beautiful. You want to avoid too much planting because that takes more time, and the excavation of soil and planting flowers is too time-consuming. Just get large containers that house beautiful living flowers.

Rent A Proper Dance Floor

You also want to head to a flooring center and make sure that you rent a proper dance floor. Not only will this make the yard look better, but it will also make it so that people are not walking on grass too much. A really beautiful portable floor will easily transform a backyard into something that really looks amazing and like something out of a magazine shoot of an outdoor wedding. You can find a portable parquet floor and set it up as a focal point. You can even have a large one that will hold the tables for the reception.

Nice Linen Rentals

Finally, you should hit a linen rental service and make sure that you have beautiful linens to cover your rented tables. A really fancy linen can transform a modest rental party table into one that is fit for a beautiful wedding reception. The linens will all match, so you don't have to worry about using your own linens and then having to buy new ones which don't match, because you don't have enough of your own. Just rent what you need and then return them after the reception. It's a much cheaper alternative to buying the linens, and it also will look much more professional.  

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