Hosting Your Children's Outdoor Tea Party

Hosting an outdoor tea party can be a fun and unique option for your child's birthday or a group play date. To pull off this event and give it a whimsical look, use the following ideas. With the right equipment and finishing touches, you can create a wonderful space for your little one to host a perfect party.

Rent A Tent

Renting a party tent can help define the space for the party while also providing protection from the sun. Determine how many guests will be in attendance, as this will make it easier to know how large the tent should be. For a smaller party, you can rent a small gazebo-style tent. For a larger gathering, you may want to opt for a long canopy tent. If possible, look for a design that comes in a soft pastel color to add to the overall look of the event space.

Have Fun With Decorations

With the tent as the backdrop for the tea party, you can begin adding decorations to the space. Paper lanterns can add a fun touch even during the daytime, and tulle or sheer fabric can be hung on all sides to create a delightful finishing touch. Wrap party lights around the tent poles to add a hint of twinkle or let your little one make homemade decorations to use throughout the tent.

Map Out Tables

If you'll need more than one table for the tea party, draw a map using the measurements of your tent. You can then measure out and label where each table will go. Be sure to allow room for children to move throughout the party area. Consider leaving some empty floor space they can use for dancing or playing party games. You may also want to allow room for a snack table, which can be filled with sweet desserts, tea, or any other drinks and snacks they might enjoy.

Create Party-Themed Goody Bags

Give the children at the party an excuse to dress up by creating party-themed goody bags. These bags can include strands of plastic beads, sunglasses, floppy sun hats, and white gloves, or they can even feature jewelry craft kits each child can use to make his or her own dress-up accessories. Pass these out before the party begins and make getting dressed up part of the party fun. These items can also be used at a photo booth station in the tent if you choose to set one up.

Talk to your child about colors, party favors, snacks, and decorations. Together, you can choose all of the equipment and accessories that make this day a special one for every child in attendance. For more information, contact a company like American Tent & Awning Co.

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