4 Tips To Make Your Holiday Party Memorable

With the holidays rapidly closing in, it's time to get your holiday planning started. Everyone seems full of ideas when it comes to planning a holiday party, but it can be hard to bring all of these ideas together into a cohesive party. By following these tips, you'll be sure to hit all the key marks of a memorable party. 

1.) Set Expectations with Themes

A theme helps cement the feel of your party. A theme doesn't only let your guests know what the decorations are going to look like, it helps your guests understand the tone of your event.  Here are a few ideas for a holiday party:

  • Ugly Sweater Party. Everyone dresses up in their favorite ugly sweater for a fun-filled casual party

  • Karaoke. Make a mix of everyone's favorite holiday tunes and sing the night away.

  • Holiday Movies. Have a vote for the best holiday movies and hold a screening. Have guests dress up as the characters for bonus points. 

These themes are just a sample of what you can choose. No matter what theme you settle on, it will help shape a memorable holiday party for your guests. 

2.) Have Something to Do

Once you've settled on a theme, you'll want to choose a few holiday activities to do at the party. Having a few activities thought out encourages your guests to interact with one another. It can also help to get people out of their usual cliques and mingle more.

For holiday parties, you can choose activities as crafty as having a stocking decorating station - or as simple as a Christmas song guessing game. 

3.) Make Sure There's Enough Food

Typically people show up to a party expecting there to be food. You can set expectations for food by mentioning it on the invitations. Dinner, buffet, appetizers, cocktails, are all key phrases on the invitation that will clue your guests into your food plan.

However, nothing can ruin the tone of a party faster than not having enough food. For appetizers, you'll want to allow at least 6 servings of an appetizer per guest. If you're having an appetizer-only gathering, you'll want to double that amount. 

For dinner, you'll want to allow at least 6 ounces of protein for the main dish and 1 to 2 ounces for the side dishes for each guest. Make sure you have options for people that are vegetarian or gluten-free. 

4.) Hire a Party Planner

It's important that you're able to enjoy the party too. If your party-planning duties have you feeling a little stressed, contact a party planner. They will help create memorable holiday parties that you can enjoy too.

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